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The "Sbandieratori Marino Marzano" is a flag-wavers group aiming at recalling ancient battles and re-proposing ancient traditions related to the Medioeval flags.
The name is linked with the noble Marzano family that once lived and governed in Sessa Aurunca (a Medioeval Southern Italian town), which is the leitmotif of the Group and their colors, gold and vermillion, represent the contrast of the main colors of heraldry.
The group was firstly established and operated in the ancient dukedom of Sessa Aurunca. Its purpose is to rediscover old traditions, to promote gloriously one of the most typical Italian traditions (the flag wavers) as well as the Sessan culture and bring into life its history.
The costumes worn by the Group members were inspired by famous Medioeval paintings, which again remind old traditions.
The Group consists of: Flag-Wavers, drummers, trumpeters, and other characters. They perform a show, which joyfully reminds, by vaultings and throwing the flags, the great battles led by the Marzano family commanders. The atmosphere will make you feel the spirit and the greatness of the typical Medioeval battles.
Whilst the Group achieve its best performance when operating in wide spaces (e.g. main city squares, open fields, etc); however they also achieve superior performance in very constrained environments.
Thanks to the great variety of performances that they offer, the Group exibtions will perfectly fit country fairs, local parties, as well as important ceremonies, special events and openings. Its peculiarity is mostly represented in palios, challenges, tournaments and historical corteges.
The Group have successfully performed throughout Italy and abroad. Their exhibitions have been greatly appreciated and also achieved outstanding results when competing with their peers in national competitions.

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Antonio AVOSSA
Presidente dell'Associazione "Marino Marzano"

+39 335 7849810
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Maurizio SASSO
Responsabile degli Sbandieratori "Marino Marzano"

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Office +39 0823 936129

Sede Via Giuseppe Patrone 2/4 - 81037 - Sessa Aurunca (CE) - ITALIA